The Technology Tax Credits SR&ED Claim Process

Wayne And Bryan reviewing a SR&ED claim application We follow a proven Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) claim process to efficiently prepare and submit successful claims on your company's behalf. With over 20 years' experience in evaluating hundreds of claims for various industry sectors, we provide customized and knowledgeable tax credit services to each of our clients.

How we assist you:

  1. Define Eligible Projects - We conduct a short preliminary interview to discuss your research projects and determine which projects qualify for SR&ED tax credits.

  2. Gather Technical and Financial Data - We interview your technical staff to document the scientific and/or technological advancements for each SR&ED project. We also identify all expenditures associated with the projects.

  3. Compile the Claim - We prepare the prescribed SR&ED financial forms and write the technical report for you. We also identify the technical and financial records you will need to keep to support your claim.

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  4. Submit the Claim - We can submit the SR&ED claim on your behalf or work with your accountant to ensure that the forms are properly submitted.

  5. Counsel Clients - We assist you in the event that Canada Revenue Agency conducts a financial or technical review of your SR&ED claim. We also counsel you on SR&ED planning and record keeping methods for future and on-going claims.