Client Testimonials

"In the past, I have used the services of other SR&ED companies, and I find that the caliber and level of professionalism of the staff at Technology Tax Credits are far above the other companies. We use leading edge communications technology, have complex medical data and make cutting edge systems for medical professionals. I truly believe that every high-tech company should be using the SR&ED program and that they would absolutely be making a mistake by trying to do it themselves. TTC expertise made our claim smooth, easy, and we got high value for our money."
John Branch, Chair, Coalese Corporation

"Using Technology Tax Credits' expertise we prepared and submitted a successful claim, without tying up our developers who were intensely focussed on getting our product to market. Wayne Powell, with his computer background, was able to quickly grasp and accurately describe our complex work with technical clarity and conciseness. Our claim produced a refund cheque just four months from the time we began working with TTC!"
TJ Snyman, Vice President, eCompliance Management Solutions, Inc.

"Technology Tax Credits has been assisting us for six consecutive years, and their clear, professional guidance has allowed us to make substantial SR&ED claims without needing to complete all the detailed requirements ourselves. Their service has always been prompt, efficient and it continues to be a great value to us."
Steve Conquergood, Chairman and Founder, Advanced Measurements Inc.

"We are a very busy software company, and Technology Tax Credits saves us a lot of time and money by doing our SR&ED. Thanks!"
Jonathan Rose, Partner, Claero Systems

"We highly recommend Technology Tax Credits to companies that are technologically advancing products and need guidance in completing SR&ED claims. The personnel demonstrate a high degree of knowledge in both the planning and execution of SR&ED claims. They diligently monitor our submission throughout the process - from compiling the data, to submitting the claim, to defending the claim in the event of a technical review. Communications with our officers during the process was exceptional and helped to minimize our workload."
Scott Gunn, President, Geological Rentals & Services Inc.

"To remain at the peak of technology, innovation is crucial but must be performed in conjunction with cost effective development. Research Tax Services (now Technology Tax Credits) has allowed us the ability to keep our development team focused while implementing developmental budgets and accounting procedures acceptable by the CRA. Without Research Tax Services assistance in the reporting and advice for accounting procedures, we would have had neither the time nor the manpower to properly address the requirements of the SRED Investment Tax Credit program. We are pleased to report that our successful adoption of these procedures have enabled us to advance our research beyond initial developmental budgets."
Tony Tubman, President, LiDAR Services International Inc.