SR&ED Planning Issues

It is important to start an SR&ED project off on the right foot!

Start your planning in the early stages of a research initiative or idea to:

  • Organize the project to ensure it is eligible for SR&ED, to the maximum level

  • Organize to avoid common pitfalls ahead of time e.g. when to use contractors vs. employees?

  • Identify the project scope and requirements so that you structure the detail work to maximize what portion will be SR&ED eligible

  • Plan what portions of the project to segregate from the SR&ED (e.g. marketing and commercial activities)

  • Set up the framework for documentation that will support the work to Canada Revenue and protect you from losing this knowledge if your people move on

  • Create a detailed project plan with the necessary quality and project management processes to demonstrate SR&ED eligibility

  • Coach your people about SR&ED so that they include all potential SR&ED activities which are often missed when claiming after the fact

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