Top 10 Reasons to Use Us

Here are some reasons why Technology Tax Credits stands out from our competitors:

  1. We make SR&ED claims easy for you at no financial risk.
  2. Our partners are former SR&ED reviewers with recognized industry credentials.
  3. We are Western Canada (Alberta) based.
  4. We have explicit experience in several areas of research including software, engineering, geophysics, oil and gas, and manufacturing.
  5. We specialize in SR&ED claim preparation, and have reviewed and prepared hundreds of claims.
  6. We have intimate knowledge of the SR&ED eligibility rules and requirements, so you don't underclaim and miss out on money that you are entitled to.
  7. We have both technical and accounting expertise to fully prepare your claim.
  8. We will assist you through any potential claim review.
  9. We have experience to show Canada Revenue Agency why your projects are eligible.
  10. Our claim process works and we have many successful clients to prove it.